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2020 EP and any other incidentals: follow here https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/extremechromo/tribal-core-chaos-23rd-lunacy

Coming soon Extreme Chromo: Zones.

Meanwhile…. Why so long? Where ya been, why you not spoken with anyone in… why you not been on social media? Because I’m quite sane. Apologies if haven’t gotten back to some folks.

Been on a Choronzothon: buried in mad musical workings with the P. Emerson Williams beast on Choronzon: can see what the panic Machine has been up to. Also catch a dose here

Serve them Toxins https://music.apple.com/gb/album/serve-them-toxins/1531816055

Serve Them Toxins | Choronzon | PANICMACHINE

Choronzon 333:

Krys Koseda – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums, Etheral Vox

P. Emerson Williams – 8-string guitar, Vox & Production/ Derangements

Pandora – Percussion

For old Band-campers- I know right. Between rain wild fires etc many have defected to an all in one home. Though if you’d like to OD on Panic Machine’s offerings you can subscribe abs download… then play the albums in your regular music app or player… so if only to grab drag n drop do consider sponsoring Panic Machine direct via old Band Camping- after all P. Emerson Williams and Krys Koseda are so seasoned in the entertainment industry and our cheques are still in the post! Help the ageing, aye….


More Bandcamping- Extreme Chromo went off on one here

Extreme Chromo and Meil Noir

Extreme Chromo’s other Obsession: Choronzon album workings

Also here with My Hate and (In)tolerance where an artist from German band Changes did an acoustic cover of the latter.

Oh… and apparently we won something top 10 2019 and 2020 or was that 2018 & 2019 HOFA contest. Anyhow Extreme Chromo’s foray’s with Miel Noir keep winning people’s votes– so thanks for that one! Here’s to 2020 being another top 10 year should Miel Noir decide to enter the track presently on our collaborative back burner.

https://mielnoir.bandcamp.com/album/the-phoenix-swarm-albumPhoenix Swarm. The Fiery Wings. My Hate. Intolerance



That’s all for now folks!

Eyes peeled for Choronzon- another unleash just been and about to land, and in perhaps two decades may finally assemble the unpublished and published works and put them all in one place where I may plead guilty to having created all manner of things…. as yet, mostly back stage… and nobody knows who dunnit

Thanks all for your support. L&R

Stay healthy and keep it creative 🤟🏻

Krys. K

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