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Punk is dead

Punk is dead- an opinion piece by an ageing post punk privy to some insider gossip and possessed of an observant eye.

Vivienne Westwood died aged 81. Fair innings.

I admired her, somehow she used punk popularity and the great sell out’s inevitably as an opportunity to charge an absolute fortune to celebrities and deliberately dress them to look like anything from a complete tit to a total dog’s dinner, she had a great eye for the worst outfit to clash as badly with their complexion as possible and charged exponentially according to how ridiculous the outfit… Class act.

I’ve not read any obituaries about her career as a fashion punk but that’s been my take on the game she played. She ran game on them and punk’d the rich and famous out of their money while barely keeping a straight face and most definitely had an evil chuckle with each new dizzying eyesore she created for the next Schmuck seeking to buy a punk look.

Punk is dead and I don’t doubt she made it a gaudy outfit on route to it’s coffin ⚰️

Fair play, she gave me a number of good laughs at the literal expense of her clientele,

Sadly, most missed that joke 😆👌🏼

Rest In Peace V. Westwood. you legend!

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