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On Earth now, EP by Choronzon

The genre with which Choronzon identifies is Xeno, for it comes from and expresses the outside. Outside the realm of conscious thought, outside society, outside genre and even western musical convention. Not as big a noise as other extreme metal artists, but much harder to listen to than most. Like a story of horror withouts the tropes of adventure, a listen is never conforming to a pre-packaged experience. Even the recordings don’t stay static, and will change even from the same audio files as the wiring of those who listen long enough changes. Conceiving the art and projecting its energy out into the universe is the most rewarding part, and the artifacts and social presentation are ancillary to that.

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released November 5, 2021

P. Emerson Williams – Vox, Guitars, Synth, Bass

Krys Koseda – Drums, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers

The Demon Choronzon – Cryptovox, Infiltration


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