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Lyric Video. A look-see back in time to now.

Dark Europa felt Prophetic… and felt this belonged on a work in progress, and pieces of it may be later re used re worked and frankly as one of the team captains delivering so many artists on the same album there was never enough time.

Yet in its rough form none too well received perhaps it may have been too close to the bone!

Read the lyrics and say that isn’t apropos or a diagnostic on the human condition. Perhaps when released in imperfect glory it was too soon…. certainly I had the sense it was not well timed and could and still can be more.

By chance looking at YouTube it suggested this & down memory lane I went to Darkness De-Void

One’s style or no, cannot deny the lyrical content as dark as may be yet somehow light in that while these things may be the case out of the darkest of voids comes the brightest of creativity and how on the nose this is today. Feb 2021 now over a year in to Pandemic LINK: Lyric Video

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