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Extreme Chromo HQ on cohabiting with the concept and currents of Choronzon & Lilith.

Finally P. Emerson Williams has summarised this perfectly. I speak as someone who’s spent a ludicrous amount of time locked in a room with this full pelt feeling as though my face was being torn off.

“CHORONZON is a node and outlet for protracted rituals of oblique technomancy. This is in-your-face, explicitly damaged, disturbed, maniacal, frightening, psycho-schizo twisted and viciously tortured music, over-expanding itself to a point where it can get barely bearable” P. Emerson William

Though he did edit my commentary that working with the raw materials it was akin to rubbing ones eyes with an onion while suffering a brain bleed and gently and slowly placing kebab skewers in one’s ears. Then attempting to function and create art simultaneously while the sensation builds.

Cannot express how much manipulation it has taken by all to make this presentable and dial it back to the following description by P. Emerson Williams’ beastie… with whom I’m most honoured to share more projects than either of us may live long enough to fully accomplish! Onwards…. no turning back.

by Choronzon:


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