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Extreme Chromo HQ: Mad Artist rambling.

Skipping a multiplicity of personal issues, circumstances plaguing my life, forgive the bad pun… A few fun planetary shifts 2021 sure looks interesting; At a glance, with my non fluent understating of astrology as a language or focus puller for intuiting and or adding the tangibles, to peruse likely outcomes of the coming times one can speculate though in honesty I conclude “I Don’t Know” all I do know is this drives me to art.

Should like to yell to the Insanity of the human race and my surrounding circs. Though preserving a voice and finding something constructive to say makes more sense- that is an art!

It’s so human to feel these times- we’ve been so detached in so many ways from our humanity.


The world is not madder than ever before, not less humane nor human nature misaligned per se. Just grabbing our attention by setting survival instincts and emotional centres to high alert after time asleep for some geographies, any ignorant bliss has been stipped away and the mirror is inescapable. (I’ve always wanted to paint using racks of mirrors to reflect pieces of image form many perspectives… hmm 🧐) back on point: THAT SENSATION IS DRIVING ME TO ART!

Supporting the NHS in style 🤣 who wants a post without socially distanced squirrels eh!

Those who feel like they are being driven one way or another…. driven in to the ground, driven homicidal, moved some way or another or so static physically you may feel like it is all static without signal. Let it drive you to create.

Please go crazy creatively. If feel like you’ve had a f¥€full… up to your eyes stressed our your mind, perhaps you too may too be driven to creativity…. get on it!


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