For the Record, contrary to under researched Press. Extreme Chromo. One Female Artist… how the trio came about, after Dark Europa : You ain’t heard nothing yet!

Despite many auditions and attempted members, Extreme Chromo pre and during Dark Europa has been a One Woman project… yes Multi InstruMental.

Some performances by guests were coached and trained, pulled out recorded and brought to fruition, Conducted by one woman- Lilith B.C.

During the collaboration, and working with P. Emerson Williams on other projects… the stand our person to add was Tatu: Laguz Rune.

As they contributed so, and have been so smooth and reliable to collaborate with… unlike many who’ve gotten to the jam room yet failed… or that I coached solo performances out of, recorded and added to my music… hand holding and conducting all the way, then the trio was formed.

As some omitted some of Laguz’s work on tracks in notes… this was compensated by him as a member.

As for the trio’s album as a trio? Coming soon…

for Dark Europa, that was solo with help- guests which are now part of Extreme Chromo band… and I’m thankful for finding such calibre for the release to come.

So, You ain’t heard nothing yet. Whilst I try not to read press, prior to comment and speculation perhaps anyone considering themselves in a position to be a music journalist should contact and research prior to speculation…

What is hilarious is the presumption,

Like the old chestnut;

A boy is injured in a car accident, his Father is killed. Rushed to surgery the Surgeon they state “no way, I can’t operate on him, he’s my son”

Who is the surgeon.

90% wonder is that Daddy 2, a progressive gay couple, more guesses, step dad… the guesses going on, outsmarting themselves …

10% or fewer consider the Surgeon is the boy’s Mother.

For a small quota of BS to meet my eyes this ingrained premise seems to have permeated… I find this funny… however the joke is on the person writing.

Just because I’m not waving a flag, showing my face, making a huge deal of gender… why would I bother.. how would that occur as relevant to my studio writing and ability to create? That’s like me putting a headline up about a man who did some dishes all by himself… just because there isn’t a name instantly slapped all over it… screw it. Clearly over estimated the intellect of people trusted to write, worse still read by people who believe them to have an informed opinion. To offer based in reality, from research… best stamp Lilith BC all over stuff.

If only as when I don’t put my image and face everywhere I may capsize laughing once again as it may be speculated this name with no face may be… erm, I dunno, Trans man, the gay surgeon most presume cannot operate on the son.

Thanks for the fun and giggles… love the myopic and absurd.

Next time, prior to print… ask…

For the genre peg… hmm, that has some who seem a little dull perplexed, again, ask. Clue is in the title….. too cryptic, not hard to find… do your homework boys.

Lilith B.C.

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