Travelling and traversing Europe and beyond…to dig up Dark Europa’s light and shade

From which the experiential immersive para-research. Starting by diving in to 8 circuit brain exercises: Getting lost (intentionally).

Spending time with people I may be completely misaligned with, in an ego corrosive state of second attention to find the common ground and eliminate reactivity, and uprooting for creative openings.

The Extreme end of such exercises, using Antero Alli’s model of 8CB. Though hey, this is Extreme Chromo. No half measures.

Video Blurb gives a true account of perhaps the most researched track, and title track to the concept collaboration album. Do read up on the results… and perhaps the theatrical abstract expression in audio and visuals will also open your creative imagination…. Back to my retreat, re-searching for the full album, and operation Choronzon,

Lilith B.C.

Full Album of 17 tracks available directly on disk- drop me an email, and at Digital Panic Machine.

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