On Laguz Rune. Forthcoming Collaboration Album: Dark Europa. Inception of Trio at Team Extreme Chromo.

It’s an honour to work with the highly talented Tatu Magraf Heikkinen. The now fixed trio at Team Extreme Chromo was forged in the creation of the Collaboration.

We all have side projects, main bands, and guess we all like it this way. Keeps our personal music tastes and ideas diverse, and there’s always a project there for each of us to hone our ideas.

Thrilled to see Tatu’s Laguz Rune releasing many videos later, using his natural aptitude and inclination towards the Traditional Kantele, of his native Finland, in expressing a depth of feeling which made him such a natural choice for Extreme Chromo to want him aboard.

A discussion beginning with something about me adding vocals to Laguz Rune’s forthcoming projects- I owe you one there Tatu after pushing out the performance on Darkness Within…. seeing it as Extreme Chromo’s job to kick people out of their comfort zone, and oh my Tatu delivered.

Cannot speak highly enough of my band mate, and yes…. admittedly am a little jealous of his flowing long locks after an unfortunate communication error regarding the nature of the word “trim” meant some time ago.

As we count down to the collaborative release of DARK EUROPA- where Laguz Rune appear in so many guises and Tatu’s solo work appears with Extreme Chromo- which cemented the trio- that perhaps many may hear the multi expressional appeal Tatu has to Extreme Chromo, here’s yet another great song from his Band Laguz Rune.

Long may they continue.


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