Most valuable asset- time & attention.

Looking forward to my CD edition of this… much as the Musician’s life is often a lean one, still firmly hold to the notion of Money where your mouth is.

Want to get paid for my blood, sweat and tears and oh there have been injuries, a lot of sweat and gargling blood. drumming mic in mouth as i went, some inspired had to come out lyrics struck and the gravity took the recording from somewhere near on my voice box. Recent investigation shows excellent health in so far as the pipes and chords, so you will be putting up with my deranged multi dimensional vocal ramblings for some time. I digress… truly thankful for all albums sent to me free, and oppurtunities given to work with so many talented artists. Perhaps will see some pay, someday, a lot of cheques in the post for a long time! Still, what goes around does come back around… if you work your butt off and make something worth buying.


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