WE ARE IN NO WAY A POLITICAL BAND, NOR DO WE CONDONE THE INITIATION OF VIOLENCE, NO IDEOLOGICAL NOTIONS OR POLITICS WELCOME. WE WARMLY WELCOME ALL WHO ARE EXTREME IN CREATIVE CONSTRUCTIVE PESUIT OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL GOALS. Sadly this is a necessary statement in this age. It is our hope that we shall not have to repeat this statement, and be taken for what we are- a creative collaborative conspiracy of coolness to our fellow artists and looking to express ourselves, harming none, welcoming and supporting others aligned with our ethos: Creative, Constructive, and embodying the humane in humanity…. our Circle is artist is ever growing, with a reputation for being a very kind, supportive collaborative group assisting one another’s individual independent creativity. Extreme Chromo comes from an intellectual idea published in the writings of Dr Christopher S Hyatt on The Original Falcon Press,. We express our gratitude for hiring two of us, publishing our art, illustrations and words. Also blessing the use of the name and concept, courtesy of Nicholas Tharcher at O. Falcon complete with accompanying image for our use, by the late S. Jason Black.

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